Sabtu, 22 November 2008

Future in Crisis, Tell your ideas :)

Dear all,

Tell your story here what will you do with this future in crisis. Does it effect any of your lifestyle or even your business or even your daily activity?
How or what will you do to tackle these problems. As you know it's not only few developed countries but it effects all big countries from the big boys (US) thru to China.

Well if you ask me my motto is life must go on so there are no exit points in these situation, so we must keep on doing what we do best to be able to survive. This is something that I quote in the past which is "surviving is harder than being a dead man".

So don't forget to keep your spirit up, don't give up on ay situation, well if you have strong religion of course pray will definitely help to keep you stronger and stronger everyday (Mind, body and spirit).

Be there for your family, be there for your wife, kids, parents.
Hope this writing and future answer will help whoever needs answer to go thru this world crisis situation.


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  1. omong opo to iki??

    blogmu sing boso jowo enek gak???