Selasa, 11 November 2008

Heroes Day.........

Yesterday we celebrate our heroes day, that makes me think its really so lucky for those whose known as heroes and thats makes me so jeallous, back there to become a hero there was nothing to do much, as long as we were willing to die for our country, took a gun or any weapon and go against the dutch or japan we can consider our self to be a hero. back to present, now i'm just a kind of a looser who stuck in front of my screen, just thinking how to become hero for nowdays, i have a courage and i'm willing to die for my country too. So guys please is there some one who has a little idea or some inspiration for me... thanks!!!



5 komentar:

  1. Weewww... i never thought u're so well in english, lux... :D

    Well, u cant go to war nor u wont be able to sacrifice ur life for ur country now on,,,

    but u can always do much things for ur country. Studying and mastering the Technology to make this country better...

  2. nowadays, hero is no longer need to be a man with super power, dude. hero is a person who know exactly how to live his life. ^^peace

  3. lho..? potoku kok neng kono..?

  4. we are heroes, if we can terminate all of the corruptor...

  5. at heroes day, i didn't do much
    had a ceremony, just a little bit different from the usual, and that's all
    i was too busy with my test that day

    if you wanna be a hero, i'm sure there's a way for you to be a hero
    only that you have to seek that way yourself