Kamis, 28 Mei 2009

Course Hero Gives Me Spirit to Learn

Many students feel bored inside the school classroom. Writing notes and listening to the teacher is in past time. It is often, school notes are useless in the future. Now is the time to join the Course Hero! Course Hero is an innovation in education, using many of recent technologies. Course Hero already have about 300,000 members signed in and 200,000 solution manual books, ready to download.

In Course Hero, every member can share his/her mind to solve the problems in tasks and experiments. This member mind sharing will surely give the best solution for your problems.

Many have claim benefits from Course Hero. You have difficulties in Math Exam? Then sign up, study online, and you will get an Math Textbook Answer. Confused with the chapter answer? About 300,000 members are always ready to help. Testimonial from a member said that Course Hero have helped him to make studying in campus interesting and fun.

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  1. oh yes sir, i beliefe in it! course hero? yeah... i love it!

  2. this is what i looking for. thanks for your sharing

  3. go to school ...bla bla bla :)