Rabu, 09 September 2009

Watch Movies Online

Watching film is one of fun and enjoying activities because when we are watching it, we do not only watch the movie but also have fun, relax and entertain us. Watching movie can be done from Movie theaters and DVDs. If we want to watch the movie from the movie theaters, we just go there. If we want to watch it from the DVDs, we just buy the DVDs movies and watch them at home. Besides both ways, now we can Watch Movies Online. There are many websites that provide us to watch movies online and one of them imovietube.com.

At first, I found that imovietube is just another movie portal on the net. It's simple, have alist of movies you can search and watch online and offers free movies download.

And then i found something else. What i found distracting in the fixed layout that looks small on my laptop screen. But I guess I can live that, because centered. On the top box office movies, you can view details about the movie, not just general information, but also additional information that imovietube members give, such as rating, votes, how many user watch the movie. basically imovietube is a movies portal that combines social networking with movie download portal, witch is nice and very interactive.